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Re: Ubuntu v. Fedora (overall)

>> Personally, I like Debian/Ubuntu.  Fedora tries to be too much like
>> Windows for my tastes.
> Wow, I don't even begin to see where anyone would make that comparison.

I dunno.  Just their wording and such.  They have "Services" instead
of "Daemons" and the like.  I don't dislike it - I ran Red Hat
waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the good old days.  I just prefer DEB-based
systems these days.  No doubt Red Hat has done a tremendous amount of
work for the entire Linux community.

>> Also, for some odd reason, RPM hates me.  :-)
> I can buy that.  A lot of us feel the same way about dpkg.  (But not
> apt...  We like apt.)

Only thing that hates me more than RPM is Portage!  I'd almost rather
just use a tarball.


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