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Re: Ubuntu v. Fedora (overall)

It sounds like you've already decided based on non-technical reasons.
As to technical reasons there is very little difference. However, just
to be clear Red Hat and Fedora are way more different than Ubuntu and
Fedora are. If you wanted to compare Red Hat and Fedora you could make
an almost equally compare Ubuntu and Debian stable.


2010/2/23 Wolfgang <wolfgangmob@gmail.com>:
> This debate could probably go on forever, but between the two which would be
> better for me, I started with Ubuntu, but since then have become more
> comfortable with terminal, so now anymore Fedora seems more usable to me
> (tried it before Ubuntu and switched to Ubuntu within a week).  Ubuntu seems
> like it's getting commercial while Fedora is community supported (doesn't
> help Canonical doesn't separate its business version from its end user
> version like Red Hat and Fedora are).  Most of what I do in Ubuntu will work
> just fine in Fedora.  I won't do much until summer when I get a new laptop
> for college, so no major rush and I'll probably bring this up at a LUG as
> well, which will be March 20th for me, I have other plans for March 3rd.
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