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Re: Round two mPlayer

On Oct 10, 2005, at 4:10 AM, Brian Keefe wrote:

> ATI Mobility Fire GL 7800
*end snip*

Are you using ATI's binary driver or X.org's?
Some old installation instructions for the binary Fire GL driver:  
If you don't have a problem with binary drivers, this one is faster  
and more feature rich than the X.org supplied driver. Since you have  
an actual Fire GL card, you may not have the stability problems some  
people have had either.

If you aren't using the binary drivers, here's the X.org info page  
for their radeon driver:

Looks like it provides the XV extension too, though. If you look  
through your log file for X.org, do you see anything about the XV  
extension being initialized? If mplayer is working with -vo x11, xv  
is probably the culprit.


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