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Re: Round two mPlayer

open one of the videos with mplayer from the command line. send us the output. what you're describing could be any number of things. also, did you install the win32 dlls?

> From: Brian Keefe <bkeefe@gmail.com>
> Date: 2005/10/06 Thu AM 03:53:36 EDT
> To: discuss@silug.org
> Subject: Round two mPlayer
> Ok, I'd like to take a second run at this.
> Here's my Linux/Firefox/video problem.
> I have a Thinkpad A31p.  I have fedora core 4 installed.  Firefox
> installed.  mPlayer installed.  All are patched up to date.  I have
> RTFMed to the best of my ability.  I want the video player to work.  I
> would like mPlayer to be that working software package.
> I have players that show video but don't play the sound.  I have players
> that play the sound but not the video.  I have players that do neither.
> I have NO player that plays both sound and video reliably.
> Here is what I would like to do.  I would like to remove all video
> players except mplayer.  I would like mplayer to actually work.  To me
> that means when I click on a video link in Firefox, mplayer starts and
> plays the video and sound for the file.  It means that if I launch
> mplayer independently and then open a video file, it actually plays with
> both video and sound.
> And just for some troll/flamebait to see if I could get any response,
> here I am trying to come back over to Linux after many years in Windows
> and I find that there are many wannabe video applications but not one
> actually works.  I have been out to websites until my eyes are bleeding
> and have fiddled with configs until my fingers hurt.  Still no workee. 
> How's Linux going to win (pun intended) that way?
> Windows Media player works like a champ.  I don't want to continue dual
> booting.  I'd like to have my disk be all Linux.
> Thanks for taking the time to read this even if you don't respond.
> -
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