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monitor compatability

I am quite the newcomer to linux, and recently installed SuSe 9.3. Durring the install I was forced to switch from my flatpanel monitor to an older monitor. Now I can get as far as the boot loader (XP is still installed), I select SuSe 9.3, and then in a few moments (after initalizing hardware and devices) my monitor switches to a black screen and says "Video mode not supported". I am able to be fully functional with an older monitor, just not my flat panel. It is a Samsung SyncMaster570S. My video card is 3DForce2MX-32 (agp). I am aware of the occasional lack of (but growing) linux support for hardware and other devices. I really would like to use my flat panel for that compy, but can switch if absolutely necissary. If there is anything I should know about how to remedy this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.