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Re: monitor compatability

John Brighton wrote:

> I am quite the newcomer to linux, and recently installed SuSe 9.3.
> Durring the install I was forced to switch from my flatpanel monitor
> to an older monitor. Now I can get as far as the boot loader (XP is
> still installed), I select SuSe 9.3, and then in a few moments (after
> initalizing hardware and devices) my monitor switches to a black
> screen and says "Video mode not supported". I am able to be fully
> functional with an older monitor, just not my flat panel. It is a
> Samsung SyncMaster570S. My video card is 3DForce2MX-32 (agp). I am
> aware of the occasional lack of (but growing) linux support for
> hardware and other devices. I really would like to use my flat panel
> for that compy, but can switch if absolutely necissary. If there is
> anything I should know about how to remedy this problem, any help
> would be greatly appreciated.
> -- 
> -John 

easiest solution is to go into your suse config and look for display
settings (through YaST).  you will be able to set the Hz and the
resolution you want, try 800x600 resolution with 60Hz refresh.  once you
restart X try your flatpanel out.  from there it is just figuring out
what Hz an res are best for your flatpanel.  go ahead and use 60Hz
refresh as on lcd panels it doesnt suffer the same 60Hz flicker problem
of regular crt monitors (courtesy how an lcd actually works vs how a crt
actually works).


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