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Re: monitor compatability

I just answered this on another list.

Root Cause:

XFree/Xorg always drive your monitor at the highest frequency
configured, whereas Windows uses VESA standard modes by
default.  If you don't have the _exact_ frequencies for your
monitor defined, you get such a message.

Your options:  

1.  Get the manual on your panel out and put in the _exact_
horizontal _and_ vertical refresh rates in your X config.

2.  Input the standard VESA modes for your LCD size (if you
give me more info, I'll get you them).

3.  Boot Linux into framebuffer (e.g., vga=791 at boot) and
use the X11 framebuffer driver (least ideal/performing)

Further Info:  Why doesn't X do what Windows does?

One thing I _hate_ about Windows is that it _never_ drives
the monitor ideally.  It defaults to standard VESA modes and
you often have to "fight it" with registry hacks or hope the
vendor has good tools to drive your monitor ideally.

Under X, once you configure the monitors horizontal and
vertical frequencies, it _always_ uses the most optimal.  But
in the case of new LCD panels, unlike CRTs, LCD pixels are
"always on" so the refresh is no longer an issue.

--- John Brighton <falseharmonix@gmail.com> wrote:

> I am quite the newcomer to linux, and recently installed
> SuSe 9.3. Durring 
> the install I was forced to switch from my flatpanel
> monitor to an older 
> monitor. Now I can get as far as the boot loader (XP is
> still installed), I 
> select SuSe 9.3, and then in a few moments (after
> initalizing hardware and 
> devices) my monitor switches to a black screen and says
> "Video mode not 
> supported". I am able to be fully functional with an older
> monitor, just not 
> my flat panel. It is a Samsung SyncMaster570S. My video
> card is 
> 3DForce2MX-32 (agp). I am aware of the occasional lack of
> (but growing) 
> linux support for hardware and other devices. I really
> would like to use my 
> flat panel for that compy, but can switch if absolutely
> necissary. If there 
> is anything I should know about how to remedy this problem,
> any help would 
> be greatly appreciated.
> -- 
> -John

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