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Re: Mid-sized companies not interested in Linux - report

Joe Tosetti wrote:

>If your boss is worried about Linux, the last thing you
>need is the first server to cause problems.
Unfortunately, within the organization I work in, the director shoots 
down any concept that isn't his own, or that he isn't familiar with, 
Linux or not. Since all he knows is Novell and FoxPro (DOS), this really 
gets annoying. I think he's just worried about not being able to control 
the system himself if for some reason he were forced to fire his limited 
staff of 2 people. Linux isn't even really conceivable here for this 
reason, which is why I have to mess with it at home. It would probably 
be safer to develop everything this company needs on my own time, wait 
until I am comfortable enough with my finances to leave, then turn 
around and sell the solutions to them.

-Aaron Kenney

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