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Mid-sized companies not interested in Linux - report

"Mid-sized companies not interested in Linux - report"

Check out this short article from Tom's today.

This is pretty much the boat that I am in with the company I work for. 
There is a small IT staff, including myself. There is usually no time to 
develop anything that would make the company more efficient, and even if 
I am able to produce something positive overnight, the director of IT 
shoots it down, fearing that the change could cost more of his time 
(maybe he is even afraid of being shown up). I don't usually develop any 
ideas that involve Linux just because I know the director fears that the 
owner will grab the "free" concept and insist on running with it 
overnight, seeing as how the owner is a former bean-counter. I've wanted 
to though.

Being in a company like this is a dead end. There is no reason for the 
company to grow any larger, since there is a steady flow of profits and 
only high-risk beyond the current structure. However, this produces 
little to no opportunity for myself, and doesn't promote the betterment 
of my professional skills one bit. The only reason I stay here is to 
make money so that I can continue to experiment with various 
technologies on my own time.

-Aaron Kenney

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