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Re: Mid-sized companies not interested in Linux - report

And this is the attitude that kept companies locked
into AS/400, Dos Apps, Cobol, etc. In the short-term,
and maybe even the mid-term, the logic is sound.
Businesses exist to make dough (especially Panera),
not keep I.T. people stimulated. However, everyone
needs to keep an eye out for the obsolescence monster.
As I see it, there are two options for you:

1. Aren't we able to support free solutions? Right
now, this argument probably has no weight. But in 1-5
years, an I.T. organization that has no free software
in its arsenal may appear somewhat archaic. How
patient are you??

2. Don't wait for permission. I did not wait at one
organization for them to see the .NET light (at least
it makes MONO an option) from the VB6 world. I created
some .NET solutions and had them ready when the need
arose. Perhaps you could do this also, but it depends
on how closely you time is tracked. I was able to do
this because no one cared what I did as long as I
provided solutions. You'd be surprised how appealing
an "already coded" new solution is to creating a
"yet-to-be coded" old solution. 

--- Aaron Kenney <awkenney@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> "Mid-sized companies not interested in Linux -
> report"
> Check out this short article from Tom's today.
> This is pretty much the boat that I am in with the
> company I work for. 
> There is a small IT staff, including myself. There
> is usually no time to 
> develop anything that would make the company more
> efficient, and even if 
> I am able to produce something positive overnight,
> the director of IT 
> shoots it down, fearing that the change could cost
> more of his time 
> (maybe he is even afraid of being shown up). I don't
> usually develop any 
> ideas that involve Linux just because I know the
> director fears that the 
> owner will grab the "free" concept and insist on
> running with it 
> overnight, seeing as how the owner is a former
> bean-counter. I've wanted 
> to though.
> Being in a company like this is a dead end. There is
> no reason for the 
> company to grow any larger, since there is a steady
> flow of profits and 
> only high-risk beyond the current structure.
> However, this produces 
> little to no opportunity for myself, and doesn't
> promote the betterment 
> of my professional skills one bit. The only reason I
> stay here is to 
> make money so that I can continue to experiment with
> various 
> technologies on my own time.
> -Aaron Kenney
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