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Explosives Replace Malware As the Scariest Thing a USB Stick May Hide
FCC Chair Proposes Ban on Deceptive 'Broadcast TV' and 'Regional Sports' Fees
Pebble Might Be Coming Back - as a Small Android Phone
New Microsoft Toolkit Will Measure Real-Time Xbox Energy Use
Tron Founder Justin Sun Sued by US SEC on Securities, Market Manipulation Charges
Job Listings Giant Indeed Lays Off 2,200 People, Representing 15% of Staff
Taiwan Pursues Internet Satellite Service Ahead of Potential Chinese Invasion
New Victims Come Forward After Mass-Ransomware Attack
Counter-Strike 2 Confirmed For Summer 2023 Release, Limited Test Begins Today
The Spy Law That Big Tech Wants To Limit
Supreme Court Ponders a Surprisingly Difficult Case About Poop Jokes
Mozilla Launches a New Startup Focused on 'Trustworthy' AI
Microsoft's GitHub To Add OpenAI Chat Functions To Coding Tool
Turing Award Won by Co-Inventor of Ethernet Technology
Researchers Design Robot That Can 3D Print a Cake With Up To Seven Ingredients

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