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Re: Red Hat vs Debian distros

On Sun, Aug 01, 2010 at 10:31:10PM -0500, Kevin Thomas wrote:
> I was just curious as to which flavor of Linux people prefer.....Red
> Hat derivatives or Debian derivatives and for what purpose.

I'm a Fedora (and Fedora EPEL) developer, so I either use Fedora or
Fedora-derived distro (RHEL/CentOS) everywhere.  As a rule, the decision
for which I want to run comes down to how often it will be acceptable to
do major updates.  If it will be a system that's hands-on (or needs to
be, because it is something security-related), I run Fedora.  If it is
something that needs to be hands-off (like something that runs odd-ball
software), I run CentOS, or RHEL if the software it needs to run
requires it (and some commercial software does).

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