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Re: Kernel tweaks for AMD 64 -- IA-64 is NOT x86-64!

NZG <ngustavson@emacinc.com> wrote:
> Ah, I see.
> Debian just calls it amd64.

Yes, many people call it AMD64.  AMD calls the instruction
set architecture (ISA) "x86-64" and has accepted the "AMD64"
convention.  I'm sure this has to do with what Linus said on
the LKML in February 2004.

Intel calls its version of ISA as "IA-32e" which is more
commonly known "EM64T".  EM64T is largely AMD64 compatible,
but does not implement some portions of the x86-64 ISA.

> I don't see any x86-64 bit extensions in the standard stock
> kernel.

Look in the ./arch directory under the kernel source.
You'll note:
  alpha   (21x64 aka AXP)
  i386    (80x86 aka x86)
  ia64    (IA-64 aka Itanium)
  x86_64  (x86-64/IA-32e aka AMD64/EM64T)

> It looks like you can get patches for x86-64 at:
> http://www.x86-64.org/

Both IA-64 and x86-64 are in the _stock_kernel_.
When you pull up the kernel config program(s), it
automatically chooses the _appropriate_ architecture so you
don't always see the others.

> Specifically(and I don't know why this isn't linked on
> their front page)
> ftp://ftp.x86-64.org/pub/linux/v2.6/

Because x86-64 are in the _stock_kernel_.

> I couldn't find it in I'm currently running),
> but let me know if you find something different. 

I don't have a 2.6 system in front of me right now, only 2.4
systems.  But I seriously doubt IA-64 has been dropped,
especially since Red Hat is a major maintainer of it, and
they are shipping 2.6.9 in RHEL4.

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