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Copyright pre-registration requires Internet Explorer

Does anyone have a problem with IE being the only browser used to pre- 
register copyrighted material?

 From http://www.copyright.gov/fedreg/2005/70fr44878.html :

"Today's notice seeks information as to whether persons filing the  
electronic-only preregistration form prescribed by the Copyright  
Office will experience difficulties if it is necessary to use  
Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser in order to preregister a  
Comments are due no later than August 22, 2005. Reply comments are  
due no later than September 7, 2005."

If so, let them know within 5 days from today.  Also, you need to  
address these questions in your response:

1) Would you have difficulties using Internet Explorer (version 5.1  
or higher) to file preregistration claims?  Why?
2) Do you anticipate preregistering a claim on the electronic-only form?
3) Would you not be able to use Internet Explorer?  Why not?
4) Will you choose not to preregister if it is necessary to use  
Internet Explorer?

You may want to include some questions of your own for the copyright  
office, such as:

Why create a non-standard method of submitting information to a  
public entity?  Why not use a W3C standards-compliant method for  
submitting information[1]?  Amazon.com can do it.  eBay.com can do  
it.  My bank and credit card company can do it.  Why not the  
Copyright office?

You may want to include a copy to your local congressperson.

If sent by mail, an original and five copies of any comment should be  
printed (yes, good old-fashioned paper) and addressed to:

Copyright GC/ I&R
P.O. Box 70400
Southwest Station, Washington, DC 20024-0400.

If you send it by mail, do so ASAP.  It will probably take five days  
to get there by snail mail.

[1] http://www.w3.org/

- Robert
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