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printing pages in OOo

k. i'm using Openoffice 1.4.*

i know how to get the print preview thing up, and i know how to  tell it 
to print two pages per sheet.  but i'm having some trouble.   when i 
tell it to print two pages per sheet,  if i tell it to print  page 1;4 
then on the other side of the page to print 8;5, what it does is it 
prints page 1 then page 4 on the same sheet (desired), but it prints 
page "1" on the left and page "4" on the right (not desired).  how do i 
reverse that?  i've tried looking up OOo help, and i've tried reversing 
the print number to 4;1, it still prints the smaller number on the left 
and the larger number on the right.

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