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remastering Knoppix (was: CWE-LUG meeting this Saturday)

On Aug 17, 2005, at 8:42 PM, Robert Citek wrote:
> Just a reminder that this Saturday, August 20th, the CWE-LUG will  
> be meeting at the Schlafly Library, at the corner of Euclid and  
> Lindell from 3pm-5pm.  The CWE-LUG is an OpenSource workshop and  
> small projects group
> meeting in the Central West End neighborhood of Saint Louis, Missouri.

One of the projects I'll be working on is remastering Knoppix and  
demoing some simple customizations that can be done to the LiveCD.   
Has anyone here remastered a Knoppix CD?  If so, would you be  
interested in sharing some tips and tricks at the CWELUG meeting?   
Same goes if you've used any of the other LiveCDs: kanotix, morphix,  
slax, etc.

- Robert
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