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xfce-settings-show.. Icons?!

Not sure if this is %100 on topic. But I'm running out of options and
thought I might find help here. 

I'm running Gentoo again. ( haha ) I have just installed xfce4, and I'm
having all sorts of icky problems. 

Whenever a normal user account ( non-root ) starts xfce4 there are a
bunch of nasty problems. 
1. When you start xfce-settings-show ( xfce settings manager ) it only
loads a few icons. 
2. You cannot get a system tray. 

Root doesn't seem to have any problem with anything. 

It does seem like a permision problem, and it may be, but it should be
noted that users CAN access the png files that xfce-settings should be
using... :\

- Kyle Pointer

PS - please forgive my misspellings... ( spellcheck isn't compiled
yet ) 

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