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Re: room

This paragraph pretty much summarizes my whole argument wrt problems with
SILUG. "Officers" and charters make no difference if the individuals won't
take responsibility for their commitments. Complaints and suggestions
don't make a difference if the complainers and suggestion-ers won't take
action on their vocalizations.


PS. Sean, I have to ask, where do you buy all the spare time to be so
active on all these lists? It seems you are everywhere :P

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Sean /The RIMBoy/ wrote:

> If there is one thing I'll harp on is that make sure the officers are
> accountable to the group.  That more than anything has in my opinion been
> the downfall of NLUG as of late.  Since it was clear the President was
> going to do as he damn well pleased and saw to it not to inform me, the
> VP, I resigned in opposition.  I know it seems weird / silly, but I have
> my reasons for my actions.

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