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Re: room

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, L J White wrote:

> Sounds like the NLUG are right kinda think'n folk!

For the most part, yet.  Then there's this (watch the wrap):



Let this be an example of letting leaders do as they wish and not consult
the group.  Please note: even though my name is listed I'm no longer an
officer w/ NLUG.  It is in a way apropos with the discussion at hand.

LUG's IMO need to evolve.  There is no reason to jump in with structure of
officers and elected leaders when the LUG is young.  One thing NLUG did do
early on was to create a Steering Committee, probably much akin to the
STEERCOM of SLUUG.  The purpose of those people (not elected, but
volunteers) is to think up topics for meetings and flesh out any plans,
such as ITEC (which SLUUG participates in).  

In NLUG's case we had a person that pretty much took care of running
meetings.  When he moved we decided it was time to elect a leader.  We've
evolved over time and crossed the bridge when it became necessary. 

If there is one thing I'll harp on is that make sure the officers are
accountable to the group.  That more than anything has in my opinion been
the downfall of NLUG as of late.  Since it was clear the President was
going to do as he damn well pleased and saw to it not to inform me, the
VP, I resigned in opposition.  I know it seems weird / silly, but I have
my reasons for my actions.

Anyway, SILUG has a lot of promise.  It's imporant that the group comes to
a consensus on issues it faces.  We'd love to use the new Tax-Payer built
library in downtown Nashville, but the cost of doing so is prohibitive to
just about any non-profit group without membership fees.  All of
Nashville's other libraries really don't have meeting space that suits
our needs.  


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