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Re: room

Sean /The RIMBoy/ wrote:
> We'd love to use the new Tax-Payer built
> library in downtown Nashville, but the cost of doing so is prohibitive to
> just about any non-profit group without membership fees.

So petition for either an exemption from the library fees or call up your 
local ACLU and the press and charge economic discrimination. Politicians
*hate* press connecting them with a shiny new library that they probably
lobbied for, and then find out that they are inadvertently supporting a 
(now) gaudy display of wealth that only rich folk can use. You can always 
count on the fact that at any given moment, there are more poor voters than 
rich ones. I'm sure you have an equivalent to STL's Elliot Davis and his
"Call 'em up and tell 'em what you think, because... You Paid For It."
where he prominantly shows the name and phone number of the government
official in charge of whatever debacle on which he reports.(*)

(*) I know that sounds weird, but I don't want Kara to have to open a big 
can of Pedantic(tm) on me for ending a sentence in a preposition.
perl -le "$_='7284254074:0930970:H4012816';tr[0->][ BOPEN!SMUT];print"
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