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Re: Creating Home Movies

Myself, I've only done some research looking for something to
create training videos (with screen capturing like SnagIt for Winoze).

The most promising GPL'd editing software seemed to be something called
Broadcast 2000, but apparently it has been withdrawn from distribution
because of worries about copyright issues.  Real shame, it was really
top notch stuff from what I read.

The best all around introductory information that I found was from the
following book:

    TITLE: The Book of Linux Music & Sound
SUB-TITLE: How to Install, Configure and Use Linux Audio Software
  AUTHOR1: Dave Phillips
PUBLISHER: No Starch Press
PUBLISHED: 05/2000
    PRICE: $39.95
     ISBN: 1-886411-34-4
     STLC: 784.19/P558L  (call number for STL County Library system)
     NOTE: Excellent information on applications. Softcover 408 pp

The book covered a large array of sound and video software that works
on Linux.  There is quite a bit out there.  There is even Linux software
that will generate sheet music from .MID files.  I was amazed.

stan r.

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