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Re: Creating Home Movies

On Tue, 20 Nov 101 mike808@users.sourceforge.net wrote:

> > I'd actually be interested to see what kind of benefit a cluster could
> > provide.
> I was thinking more of separate jobs encoding separate pieces of the
> video min parallel.

In that case you could set up a traditional beowulf, although I'd still
give mosix a spin simply because it is fork and forget.  Great for
heterogenous environs.  

> > Granted, my cluster would be no match for the 650, 
> What kind of lame-a55 cluster are you running?

Master node is a P200 (with another P200 coming this weekend from my mom),
as is currently running, 2 P133's, a DX4-100 and a Cyrix 120.  The Cyrix
is about to come out of the setup because it is kernel panicing (and not
quite sure why. :/ )

> A dual Celeron could probably eat my Athlon for lunch.

I'm all about the crappy hardware at my place.  Unless it says Pentium I'm
not going to be interested in it.  Course, I've said that before.


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