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Re: Creating Home Movies

I've done some work in that.  I've worked with Adobe Priemere and Avid
Video Studio and the stupid software that came with my video digitizer.

I also played around a bit with some Linux stuff.  But, in my
experience, the Linux programs to do so weren't very good.  I played
around with that around July or so and was unimpressed.

The program that came with my video digitizer (that ran under Windows)
really wasn't very good either.  It has the world's worst user
interface... It was so dumed down that it was complicated.  And it
refused to produce videos if you didn't have the USB video digitzer
attached.  (Which considering I was working on a laptop was quite

Mabey they wanted it to look like Windows XP.  About a decade ago I had
a mac with a TV/Video card that came with better software (Avid Video
Studio).  Better to the point that I considered trying to resurrect my
old mac, put Linux on it, run MACOS under Linux and then run Avid Video
Studio to put the video clips together.  But, I never got around to it.

What do you want to know?


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Hey everyone,

I just became the proud new owner of a Digital Camcorder. So, next I'm
tackling making home movie VCDs. I'm planning on putting a presentation
together once I've become a master, but in the mean time, have any of
played with editing home movies and such?

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