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Re: Creating Home Movies

> have any of you played with editing home movies and such?

I second the vote for http://www.vcdhelp.com
All kinds of good stuff. Although I've been using that "other" OS,
the tools should be portable or equivalents available.
Very good explanation of all the formats and tools and the process.
Not much Linux-specific though, but you can get the idea.

I really liked VirtualDub and TMPEnc.
If you have one of the "field upgradable" Apex DVD players, you can
burn short films in DVD format onto regular CD-ROM media (known as "mini-DVD").

Call me offline and I'll be glad to share settings and such in more detail.
I've been archiving Enterprise and Andromeda. I've also heard that 
Harry Potter is already out on SVCD in the P2P networks.

Oh, and be patient. Encoding 40 minutes full size archival video
to SVCD on my 650 Athlon takes about 8 hours. I just wish my Apex could
play DivX format. But I hear Rimboy might have some CPU to spare... :)


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