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Re: New Computer

   First thanks to Mike, Doc and Kevin for their replies.  Using their 
information and the latest kernel, I was finally able to setup a dual 
boot using Mint 13(Maya).  The only glitch is that the initial login 
screen is very dim.  I just happened to notice that it was their through 
the black screen because the light hit the display at just the right 
angle.  Once logged in, the screen lights up and everything  works 
well.  I probably need to make some changes to the boot config files but 
I will have to do more research on this.
   I have also loaded VMWare OpenBox on the Windows7 side and have 
successfully loaded Ubuntu12.04LTS and Fedora17.   The login screen 
problems do not exist here leading me to believe that I need to activate 
the video driver/s sooner when I boot directly into Linux. By the way, 
the Live CD of both distributions would display until after installation 
to hard drive.
   Thanks again for the help.  Hope to get to a meeting someday.

Bill Weiler

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