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Fedora 18 update

Fedora 18 has slipped another week:

        Today at Fedora 18 Beta Change Deadline readiness meeting it
        decided to push back Fedora 18 freeze by one week due to 
        unfinished/non testable functionality required for the Beta
        Agreed: Due to upgrade functionality not being in a testable
        push schedule 1 week to allow it to land before entering beta
        (+1 6, 0 0, -1 0 for FESCo, +1 for the whole QA, +1 for FPGM).

The new anaconda installer is having major problems with existing
partitions and LVM. The total slippage is now three weeks:

2012-09-18	Alpha Release
2012-10-09	Beta Change Deadline
2012-10-23	Beta Release
2012-11-12	Final Change Deadine
2012-11-14	Compose "Final" RC
2012-11-27	Fedora 18 Final Release


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