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Re: Well up and running, now anyone know a GUI GRUB Editor?

Just a sugestion! I am not that knowledgable, but it sounds like your more of a Ubuntu fan. Just set up a tri boot and share swap space between F14 & Ubuntu. Thus giving you the functionality you are use to with Ubuntu.


Wolfgang <wolfgangmob@gmail.com> wrote:

>Ok, so I sent in my hard drive and I've installed Fedora 14 in a dual boot
>now, but I'm not quite content yet, I'm wanting to mess with the GRUB
>bootloader and customize it some, mostly make it show the list by default
>(right now it says "booting Other in x seconds" with hit keys to see menu)
>and make the countdown longer.  I could do this in Ubuntu very easily, but
>Fedora, not so much, I would also like to add a custom plash image as well
>and set the resolution to 1280x1024 (native res for my monitor).  Any help
>greatly appreciated.
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