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Re: Mid-sized companies not interested in Linux - report

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

>In many cases, I've found breaking down ADS, Exchange and MS SQL into their "base technology" does a great sell to CIOs and decision makers.
Unfortunately I am only permitted to report directly to my director, so 
a sales pitch usually gets wasted, as this particular person seems to be 
the one who has the problem with change. He is also himself very 

What exactly is "base technology"? Like saying that Exchange does email 
and schedule sharing? Those two concepts alone would sell Exchange in 
our company. Sure I can probably come up with something that is free 
using GNU that does the same, but I would unfortunately be fired for 
taking the time to put it together. In the company I work for, time is 
even more important than money. It seems like everyone is so rushed, but 
that's because we have a Netware admin as a director and a hacker as a 
network admin. They spend most of their time learning on the fly. It 
seems to me like most of the things they are involved in could be done 
in a matter of days. But being in the position that I am in, I can't 
honestly say, "What the heck takes you so long to do this stuff?"
-Aaron Kenney

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