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Re: Mid-sized companies not interested in Linux - report

On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 16:52 -0500, Robert Citek wrote:
> So the "trick" would be to implement LDAP+Kerberos before 
> ActiveDirectory gets installed.  Implement an e-mail server before 
> Exchange gets installed.  Implement Samba before a Windows file server 
> gets installed.  Implement DNS, DHCP, and NTPD before the Windows 
> equivalent gets installed.  Implement Jabber before some MS IM server 
> gets installed.  Install OOo, FireFox, and Thunderbird on Windows 98/95 
> machines before Windows 2000 or WinXP gets upgraded.


If you already have a pilot/test working -- even on old hardware, it
tells the CIO, "hey, we've already got something working, so it's less
risk and money at the same time!"

At the same time, be ready to counter on the "vendor lock-in" that ADS,
Exchange and MS SQL bring in.  In many cases, I've found breaking down
ADS, Exchange and MS SQL into their "base technology" does a great sell
to CIOs and decision makers.

Especially when they response, "you mean that's all Microsoft product X

And don't be afraid to bring in consultants like HP, IBM, etc... when
the "accountability" or "indemification" arguments fly.  They can
quickly set the company straight, even if just during a free proposal.

Bryan J. Smith                                  b.j.smith@ieee.org 
Community software is all about choice, choice of technology.
Unfortunately, too many Linux advocates port over the so-called
"choice" from the commercial software world, brand name marketing.
The result is false assumptions, failure to focus on the real
technical similarities, but loyalty to blind vendor alignments.

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