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Red Hat Linux Intro Course (fwd)

I thought some of you might be interested in this...

----- Forwarded message from "Parasch, Guy" <gparasch@stlcc.edu> -----

From: "Parasch, Guy" <gparasch@stlcc.edu>
Subject: Red Hat Linux Intro Course
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 16:35:18 -0600


I am contacting experienced Linux users (like you) for 2 reasons:

1) We are expecting that you may know people who are just starting out in
learning Red Hat Linux.  If so they might be interested in a Red Hat Linux
course being offered February 26, 27 & 28 from 8am-5pm.  This will be a
highly personalized course with only 7 students.  Currently there are only 4
slots open.  For more information and registration go to...
http://www.cbil.org/red_hat.htm <http://www.cbil.org/red_hat.htm>  

2) As part of the community college our mission is to serve the needs of the
community with the current training needs.  If there is a Linux topic or
area of specialty that you sense could be developed into a class offering -
we would like to hearing from you.  Please send any suggestions for course
topics to GParasch@stlcc.edu <mailto:GParasch@stlcc.edu>  .  Our computer
training facilities are also available for rent if you have the need for
future events.  

Please feel free to pass this onto others.  Also your email has NOT been
added to a distribution list and is NOT being retained for future use.  

If you are interested in receiving future notices please reply and will we
include you on future Linux course notices.


Guy Parasch
CBIL - St. Louis Community College
300 South Broadway
St. Louis, MO  63102
 <http://www.CBIL.org> www.CBIL.org

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