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Re: Red Hat Linux Intro Course (fwd)

I have been thinking about putting together something similar to this with a
slightly different focus in Mt. Vernon sometime in late April or early May.
I wouldn't, however, charge $950, but somewhere in the neighborhood of $200
for a 5 to 10, 2-3 hour classes with slightly less personalization (more
people).  This idea and the classes are in very vague stages of development,
but I thought I would get the idea out to see if anyone was interested in
helping or participating in anyway.  I still need to see how much it would
cost to rent out one of the medium sized computer labs at the high school
there, and I am assuming not to much, being part of MVTHS' alumni and all :)

I would probably have a more web/e-commerce oriented focus however.
Perl/mysql/CGI/Mason/HTML/web design, etc.  Of course, doing all of the
system administration examples using linux, with a problem of having no
linux machines at the high school.  I don't really know and right now it is
not much more than a few dozen pages of notes, a few dozen bookmarks and a
thought.  Each of those topics could easily be broken down to short-term
courses of their own though, especially Perl and mysql/database design in

Just thought I would throw this in the mix and see what other peoples
opinion of this might be.  I definitely know Steven could help out with this
big time and I would be totally suprised if we couldn't get atleast 20-30
people interested in the first run, if not more.  However, this is also a
blantant attempt at finding some means to afford finishing college which is
currently draining my faux bank account(loans) as it is.

Tim Hart

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> I thought some of you might be interested in this...
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> Subject: Red Hat Linux Intro Course
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> Greetings,
> I am contacting experienced Linux users (like you) for 2 reasons:
> 1) We are expecting that you may know people who are just starting out in
> learning Red Hat Linux.  If so they might be interested in a Red Hat Linux
> course being offered February 26, 27 & 28 from 8am-5pm.  This will be a
> highly personalized course with only 7 students.  Currently there are only
> slots open.  For more information and registration go to...
> http://www.cbil.org/red_hat.htm <http://www.cbil.org/red_hat.htm>
> 2) As part of the community college our mission is to serve the needs of
> community with the current training needs.  If there is a Linux topic or
> area of specialty that you sense could be developed into a class
offering -
> we would like to hearing from you.  Please send any suggestions for course
> topics to GParasch@stlcc.edu <mailto:GParasch@stlcc.edu>  .  Our computer
> training facilities are also available for rent if you have the need for
> future events.
> Please feel free to pass this onto others.  Also your email has NOT been
> added to a distribution list and is NOT being retained for future use.
> If you are interested in receiving future notices please reply and will we
> include you on future Linux course notices.
> Best,
> Guy Parasch
> 314.539.5166
> CBIL - St. Louis Community College
> 300 South Broadway
> St. Louis, MO  63102
>  <http://www.CBIL.org> www.CBIL.org
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