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Remote access question

I have a question for the list.  Let me preface this by stating that I 
am a newbie, but I know my way around well enough to not feel lost on my 
Linux box.  What I would like is to be pointed in the right direction.
I have a website that I am hosting out of my house, but my friend who is 
helping me write the code for it lives in Minnesota.  I would like him 
to be able to access the files on my webserver from up north to make 
changes and check code.  Could someone please point me to documention on 
how to do this?  I would like to study on this myself so I wouldn't have 
to ask these elementary questions, but due to the overwhelming (and 
enticing) amount of software available for this type of project, I am 
unsure of what would be a good place to start.  I'm currently running 
Red Hat 7.2, but my friend is using a Windows box. (yes, I know, shame 
on him :-)

Thank you very much in advance.  Have a great day!    


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