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Re: Remote access question

I asssume you have SSH running and no firewall (or port 22 opened
though the firewall).  A Windows user would probably feel most
comfortable with WinSCP (http://winscp.vse.cz/eng/).  If a shell
account is needed, PuTTY is a popular option

Of course, another assumption would be that you have an account for
your friend that has the proper rights so he/she can get to what they
need to get to and _not_ get to things they don't need to (even if
you trust him/her, a unknowledgable user with too many right could
accidently damage the file system).

--- Adam Born <nrvous6@netscape.net> wrote:
> I have a question for the list.  Let me preface this by stating
> that I 
> am a newbie, but I know my way around well enough to not feel lost
> on my 
> Linux box.  What I would like is to be pointed in the right
> direction.
> I have a website that I am hosting out of my house, but my friend
> who is 
> helping me write the code for it lives in Minnesota.  I would like
> him 
> to be able to access the files on my webserver from up north to
> make 
> changes and check code.  Could someone please point me to
> documention on 
> how to do this?  I would like to study on this myself so I wouldn't
> have 
> to ask these elementary questions, but due to the overwhelming (and
> enticing) amount of software available for this type of project, I
> am 
> unsure of what would be a good place to start.  I'm currently
> running 
> Red Hat 7.2, but my friend is using a Windows box. (yes, I know,
> shame 
> on him :-)
> Thank you very much in advance.  Have a great day!    
> nrvous6 
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