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Re: A(uto)mounting we shall try to go... syntax not right

Quoting Whil Hentzen <whil@hentzenwerke.com>:

> I've been manually mounting a directory on my Red Hat 8.0 Linux box to a NT
> 4 file server (running as a PDC.) I can manually mount, like so:
> mount   -t   smbfs   -o   username=bob    //herman/herman_e   /mnt/q

Aiee.  The Samba stuff.  Having fun yet? ;)

> Ok, next step is to make this happen everytime I turn my Linux box on. I've
> been poking around with automount and autofs. Read the man page for autofs
> and several 'tutorials' on the web, including Rahul Sundaram's apparently
> master HOWTO.

Use the standard facilities for this.  The automounter, I believe, is for
mounting CD's and other stuff automatically when the system detects that one has
loaded a particular drive with media, but I'm not sure.  I don't use any such
facilities on my boxes here...

This means that you must tweak /etc/fstab.  Something like this ought to work:

    //foohost/bar /mnt/foo smbfs username=foo,bar,baz=null 0 0

In the fourth field, I showed how to add extra options by putting bogus ones
there; they should be kind of obvious.  But, just in case they aren't:

    //foohost/bar /mnt/foo smbfs username=foo 0 0

Hope this helps.

Nate Reindl, silug.org's very own anarchist
"the US isn't a capitalistic country though.. we're a dictatorship. We're
all under control by corporations." -- smj, on capitalism in the US

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