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charter-stl connectivity issues

Being as though you are all from southern illinois supposedly, I'd assume that quite a few of you who are 
in the St. Louis area use charter pipeline as your internet service.  I've been having a problem with it 
since they initially switched from @home's network to their own, and I was wondering if any of you have 
experienced similar problems.  Every so often, like every 5-10 minutes, my service completely drops out 
for between 1 second and a minute usually.  I've put together some statistics based on this, and it 
appears as though I have no connectivity about 3.5% of the time.  (I calculated this by pinging their 
router, which appears to be my second hop, and the first one that I lose connectivity from 
and keeping track of when it was pinged, etc, and the amount of time that i was unable to reach it.)

Below is some more data from a particular incident logged:

Monitored from	3/29/2002	19:51:42	to 	3/29/2002	22:20:35	(	 -   	days and	2:28:53	)
Service Was Unusable For	0:05:13	Resulting in all connections timing out	45	times		
Service Was Unusable	3.50%									

(as a note, I also seem to have the same issues when pinging inbound to this router)
(another note, when the service goes out it's not merely the router not responding, I cannot reach any 
outside address) 

The date/time is GMT.

Jamon Terrell

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