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Stupid stuff

So I have this machine that I want to use as a router/firewall/print server. 
The fog has set in and I'm mulling around trying to figure all this out. 
Here's what I have and it should be quite sufficient. Celeron 700, 64Meg,13.6 
Gig, Intel 10/100 nic on the mobo and a realtec 8139 4 port switch hub PCI 
card. ADSL through APCi with 5 public static ip's, the reason I need the 
router/firewall. I'd like to set this machine up as a print server on my lan 
also so that I don't have to fire up my doze machine to print. I have a 
laserjet 4 plus connected to the parallel port, but I have a jetdirect server 
installed that I would like to use with an always on machine. I have the 
driver for the 4 port switch but haven't installed it yet. Any possibility 
one or all of you gurus would like to perform a little ojt with me at the 
next lug meeting to get this thing working? I don't want anyone to do this 
for me, I want to be shown how to do it so that I can repeat it someday if 
need be.

I need to get this done so that I'm not wasting the money I'm paying for the 
extra IP's. Nate wanted them and now he has them. I think he should be able 
to use them. All I get around here is advice like, hey you know KMail sucks 
and GNOME owns you and the like. Not much help.

Anybody care to help out a real dangerous psuedo-newbie?
As you can tell my system administration skills are next to nil. It comes and 
goes through lack of use and/or age. I have my moments though.

GAT/ d- s+ a+ C++++ UL++>++++ P+>++++ L++>++++ 
E--- W+ N++ w--- O- M-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP- t- 5 X R-
tv+++ b- DI+++ D G++ e+>+++ h--- z- 
z-? h---? How odd!

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