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Re: Linux & Wireless networking


Any of those access points are in line with what I'd expected to pay ... 
which one will work with a minimum hassle at my house?  

I have a P-233 with MS Windows (TM) 98 Second Edition for my wife and 
children, a P-120 with Red Hat 7.2 (no VMWare installed) as a firewall, and I 
plug in my Sceptre laptop (Red Hat 7.2) several times a week to work from 
home ...

That's the reason for the wireless ... I'd like to be able to take the laptop 
anywhere in the house, but my firewall is just a bare bones box with no 
VMWare ... maybe I should plug the access point into the MS Windows (TM) box?

Also, what card would you sell me to go into my Sceptre laptop's pcmcia slot? 
(I assume this will be whatever card your using in your Sceptre ... I guess 
it pays to buy the same equipment Steve uses and just wait for him to work 
out the bugs)  ; )


On Tuesday 22 January 2002 15:46, you wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 02:53:07PM -0600, James L. Burke wrote:
> > I'd like your recommendation on Linux wireless and also some price quotes
> > as well ... 1 Access Point, 2 Cards for home use.
> If you insist.  :-)
> Probably the best card for Linux users is either the Orinoco (Agere)
> Gold card.  It looks like I can sell them for $93 (plus tax).  For
> reference, the best price listed on PriceWatch is $87 + $4.99
> shipping.
> Here are some alternatives for access points:
>     D-Link DWL-900AP	$156
>     NetGear ME102	$160
>     Belkin F5D6130	$165
>     Linksys WAP11	$166
>     SMC 2655W		$174
>     D-Link DWL-1000AP	$186
> (Add sales tax to all of those, of course.)
> I happen to have the DWL-1000AP, but only because it was the cheapest
> access point at the time.
> Steve

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