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Linux & Wireless networking

Hey all,

I know some of you must have wireless networks set up with Linux (Kara & Steve...).

How compatible are typical wireless network cards with Linux. Specifically, do you know if the Linksys WP-11 card is supported in Linux yet?  I picked one up on sale, but I've since heard it is not a very great card.  I may end up taking it back.  I am also tenatively planning on using the Linksys WAP-11 Wireless Network Acess Point.

Do you have any reccomendations for better cards or acess points?  I think I am just looking for the wireless equivelent of a hub.

Secondly, is their any special software I need to configure a wireless card in Linux?  I think I want to use WEP encryption.

I use Red Hat 7.2 at home.


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