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Re: Linux & Wireless networking

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, James L. Burke wrote:

> Steve,
> Any of those access points are in line with what I'd expected to pay ... 
> which one will work with a minimum hassle at my house?  
> I have a P-233 with MS Windows (TM) 98 Second Edition for my wife and 
> children, a P-120 with Red Hat 7.2 (no VMWare installed) as a firewall, and I 
> plug in my Sceptre laptop (Red Hat 7.2) several times a week to work from 
> home ...
> That's the reason for the wireless ... I'd like to be able to take the laptop 
> anywhere in the house, but my firewall is just a bare bones box with no 
> VMWare ... maybe I should plug the access point into the MS Windows (TM) box?
You only have to plug the card in long enough to configure it. Our AP 
(Access Point) is sitting atop a bookshelf downstairs, simply plugged into 
the network. It isn't attached to any PC. As long as you have something 
doing DHCP and routing over a network, just plug in the AP to that, after 
it's been configured.

> Also, what card would you sell me to go into my Sceptre laptop's pcmcia slot? 
> (I assume this will be whatever card your using in your Sceptre ... I guess 
> it pays to buy the same equipment Steve uses and just wait for him to work 
> out the bugs)  ; )
Steven didn't quote PCI cards. He's only quoting PCMCIA cards. The Orinoco 
Gold cards are PCMCIA for your laptop.

We have no PCI cards in our house.

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