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Re: Using mutt ...

Hi James,

On 18 Jan 2002, 11:20 AM, you hammered out in part about "Using mutt ...":

JLB> been relatively pleased with the  results.  Nevertheless, I'd like to
JLB> give mutt a try for a few weeks.

Good man..  I have tried over 30 mailers, and I always wind up going back
to Mutt... It is the only way I can get through 500-600 emails in about
15-20 minutes a day.

JLB> First, any general suggestion regarding mutt are welcome.

I am supposed to give a talk about Mutt and procmail in March to the
group.  However, I can give you some ideas.

JLB> I can already see a problem with the way my email is set up ... even
JLB> though kmail uses the mbox format, kmail allows me to put folders
JLB> inside other  folders on the kmail screen.  This turns out to be one
JLB> file and all the  sub-folders and their contents seem to be ignored
JLB> by mutt.  I can fix this by  moving all these mail messages to their
JLB> own kmail folder (mbox file) ... any  better ideas?

Yes, your muttrc file should list all your folders, and it uses folder
hooks to do this, so that when you hit "c" you will see all your folders
in that dir.  Now, you can just hit tab, to select the ones that have new
mail (filtered to each mbox if you use procmail).. If you keep
sub-folders, in mutt, there really is no need to do this, as by keeping
them all in the same dir, and using procmail, you automatically go to the
folder that only contains mail.

JLB> Also, is there a way to reduce the learning curve on .muttrc?  I'm reluctant 
JLB> to spend a lot of time creating a nifty .muttrc file and then decide mutt 
JLB> isn't going to get the job done for me ... suggestions?

Yes, I have a very well munged muttrc and can send it to you later
tonight.  It even has multiple colors for various things... However, mine
works with procmail.. but it will give you an idea.  Just let me know if
you want it. Also, go to mutt.org and look at some of the muttrc files
there, free for the taking, from some of the most experienced users
around.. I suggest looking at Telsa's for a beginner. You can find her, I
believe, under the the sample muttrc files.


She is married to Alan Cox.. <g>

JLB> Lastly, same question with regard to mutt's compose screen ... vim.
JLB> I've never spent the time to get as proficient with vi as I know I
JLB> should be ...  any suggested links or tutorials to learn vi/vim?
JLB> (I'm embarrassed to admit  that all though I know there is already a
JLB> tutorial for vi/vim on my box I  haven't been able to get it to run
JLB> yet ... suggestions?)

My muttrc file has a key macro built in so that on the fly, I can switch
from VI to emacs.. You can use any editor you want, and just put it in the
muttrc file.

If you want info on VI, just go to vi.org and pull down a "cheat sheet" on
the major key strokes.. I can fax you my copy if I can find it. I can't
live without VI <g>  Once you get used to it, it is the fastest editor
around.... no flames please <g>  I even have emacs set to viper (VI)
keystroke mode...

Best regards,

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