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Using mutt ...

Hello all,

I've decided I'm interested in giving mutt a try as my mail reader.  I've 
been MS Windows (TM) free for over 6 months now and I'm beginning to think I 
could manage my email much quicker if I didn't have to point and click so 
much.  Right now I'm using kmail and I've been relatively pleased with the 
results.  Nevertheless, I'd like to give mutt a try for a few weeks.

Before I take this plunge, I thought I'd ask for some advice from the group.  

First, any general suggestion regarding mutt are welcome.

Second ...

I can already see a problem with the way my email is set up ... even though 
kmail uses the mbox format, kmail allows me to put folders inside other 
folders on the kmail screen.  This turns out to be one file and all the 
sub-folders and their contents seem to be ignored by mutt.  I can fix this by 
moving all these mail messages to their own kmail folder (mbox file) ... any 
better ideas?

Also, is there a way to reduce the learning curve on .muttrc?  I'm reluctant 
to spend a lot of time creating a nifty .muttrc file and then decide mutt 
isn't going to get the job done for me ... suggestions?

Lastly, same question with regard to mutt's compose screen ... vim.  I've 
never spent the time to get as proficient with vi as I know I should be ... 
any suggested links or tutorials to learn vi/vim?  (I'm embarrassed to admit 
that all though I know there is already a tutorial for vi/vim on my box I 
haven't been able to get it to run yet ... suggestions?)


jburke (Jim not Jason - Jason obviously wouldn't be asking this question and 
I'd hate for anyone to think he'd somehow lost his mind and forgot how to use 
vi and mutt ...)   ; )

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