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Re: Using mutt ...

Kara Pritchard wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, James L. Burke wrote:
> > Lastly, same question with regard to mutt's compose screen ... vim.  I've
> > never spent the time to get as proficient with vi as I know I should be ...
> > any suggested links or tutorials to learn vi/vim?  (I'm embarrassed to admit
> > that all though I know there is already a tutorial for vi/vim on my box I
> > haven't been able to get it to run yet ... suggestions?)
> >
> I have a "learning the vi editor" from O'Reilly you can borrow.

That's the best book that I know about, so good I make myself
re-read it every year.

I have a tutorial slide show on "Learning "vi" Editing Commands"
available at http://www.sluug.org/~stan/tutorials.html that gives
the absolute minimum things you can start to build skill on.  A
kind of how to start learning vi/vim.

VIM has learning :help available internally 
  1.VIM ":help tutor" to find location of tutor.vi file 
  2.tutor.vi - text file used to teach "vi" in 25-30 minutes 

stan r.

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