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The Southern Illinois Linux Users Group serves all of Southern Illinois. Meetings are currently held in Fairview Heights (St. Louis Metro East). (Carbondale meetings are temporarily on hiatus while we figure out a new meeting schedule and location. Contact Steve if you have any suggestions for a location with good parking, easy access, and Internet connectivity.)

The Metro East meetings are held at the Computer Room, 3720 Green Mount Crossing Drive in Shiloh, on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM and on the 3rd Saturday of each month starting at 4 PM. Call (618)624-4440 if you need directions.

The next Wednesday Metro East meeting is scheduled for May 7, 2014.

(The April 19, 2014 meeting has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.)

The next Saturday Metro East meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2014.

No local news.

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