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Trump Cancels Singapore Summit With North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un
Gamers Involved In Fatal Wichita 'Swatting' Indicted On Federal Charges
Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 710 Platform For Midrange Android Phones
Ariane Chief Seems Frustrated With SpaceX For Driving Down Launch Costs
Money's Better Than E-Cigs Or Nicotine Gum At Helping Smokers Quit, Says Study
Apple Signs Deal With Volkswagen For Driverless Cars
FBI Seizes Control of Russian Botnet
Google and LG Unveil World's Highest-Resolution OLED On-Glass VR Display
ACLU Sues ICE For License Plate Reader Contracts, Records
Singapore ISPs Block 53 Pirate Sites Following MPAA Legal Action
Comcast Confirms Plan To Buy 21st Century Fox and Control of Hulu
Elon Musk To Fight Fake News, Rate Journalists' Credibility Via a Site Called 'Pravda'
Facebook Asks British Users To Submit Their Nudes as Protection Against Revenge Porn
Uber Shutting Down Self-Driving Operations In Arizona After Fatal Crash
Personal Records of Nearly 1 Million South Africans Leaked Online

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