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Re: Pod upgrade

That is awesome that they are offering that switchover option, too many companies these days want to leave the previous version users high and dry when new hotness hits

On May 31, 2014 7:14 PM, "Robert G. (Doc) Savage" <dsavage@peaknet.net> wrote:
The folks at 45drives.com have announced a new v4.0 storage pod based on a pair of HighPoint Technologies Rocket 750 40-port SATA-III host bus adapters and a new backplane. These replace three ordinary 4-port SATA-II cards and nine 1x5 SATA-II port expander backplanes.

Best of all, they're offering a v3.0-to-v4.0 upgrade package for existing customers. I just ordered it, and if it ships in time maybe we can install it at SILUG's Saturday meeting on July 20.