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Sharing an NFS enabling fix

I've been unable to share out the /pub RAID array on one of my servers. No matter what I tried, I kept getting this error on a client box:

# mount /pub
mount.nfs: mount(2): No route to host

I knew /etc/fstab, /etc/hosts, /etc/exports, and /etc/sysconfig/network were all correct, and chkconfig had nfs set to "5:on". I'd restarted the nfs service on both client and server and they were working perfectly. It finally dawned on me that the problem had started following a reinstall of CentOS 6.5 on the target server. So I ran my basic "setup" configuration utility to check the internal firewall:

# setup
Select "Firewall configuration" and tab to Run Tool
Tab to Customize
Scroll down to find NFS4
Sure enough, NFS4 was not selected as a trusted service after the most recent CentOS 6 installation. Sigh.