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Re: How to re-enable ssh logins

> On Wed, 2013-10-23 at 07:27 -0500, Charter Mail wrote:
>> Does the user account on the other side exist still , and is it in a
>> good state ??? (I.e ... Can the even login locally ??)
>>   It might not be a problem so much with SSH itself, but rather the
>> account on the remote 'pod' host . Many times admins will 'lock' an
>> account in addition to dis-allowing SSH logins
>> -rkh-
> There's nothing wrong with the target account (doc) on the pod. I'm
> logged onto the local console as doc right now, and can use ssh/scp to
> connect back to the originating machine (lion).
> I'm beginning to think Protocase has come up with a very subtle and
> little known way to lock down ssh. I'd sure like to know what they've
> done.
> --Doc

In your sshd_config, should the last line should be "AllowUsers doc"
instead of "AllowUser doc"?
Not sure if both forms are allowable.  If not, I'd expect sshd to complain
when it starts up.

I hope this helps,

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