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What are the possible consequences of building a custom kernel?

I tend to use Ubuntu but have become frustrated with the lack of
communication on bug reports. I am thinking of switching to Fedora
long enough to either find out its not a unique problem to
Ubuntu/Canonical or to be amazed.

My problem is that I have a touchscreen netbook and the touchscreen
works in kernel >=2.6.34 but suspend/resume tends to only work in
<2.6.34. I found a 2.6.34 kernel in the Arch User Repository that is
custom built for netbook and supports both, at the same time!

I would like to basically build this kernel for Fedora (or maybe even
Ubuntu) but I am wondering what else might break. For instance, would
it be easy to keep Plymouth (pretty boot) with a custom kernel or is
there some magic that happens to get that to work? Alternatively, does
anyone know of a repo for either Fedora or Ubuntu that builds custom
netbook kernels already?

Nathan Nutter

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