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Re: Red Hat vs Debian distros

On Sun, 2010-08-01 at 22:31 -0500, Kevin Thomas wrote:
> I was just curious as to which flavor of Linux people prefer.....Red Hat 
> derivatives or Debian derivatives and for what purpose.  Personally, I 
> much prefer Debian based distros such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Mepis.  
> However, we only use Red Hat Enterprise Linux at work, which is why I'm 
> currently trying to learn some Red Hat.  I've installed CentOS 5.5 in a 
> virtual machine so I can play around with it.  Anyway, I was just 
> curious to see what you folks prefer.  Thanks.


Most of us who use (or want to use) Linux in a business environment are
probably served best by the Red Hat model with its stable long major
version cycles. Their Red Hat Network (RHN) repository-based patch
management system is pretty close to ideal. I use Fedora on laptops and
workstations to stay closer to the leading/bleeding edge. Patch
management is also repo-based, but is not tied to RHN. One out of every
six semiannual Fedora releases is fed royal jelly and is reborn as the
next RHEL major release queen. Both geeks and MBAs can understand that.

That's not an all-or-nothing proposition, though. I use several live CDs
and appliances that are Ubuntu-based.


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