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Arch Reactor - The St. Louis Hacker Space

Firstly, Steve, Thanks for letting me plug this a bit at this weeks

For those who weren't at Saturday's meeting, I wanted to let anyone who
might be interested know about the new hacker space opening up in St.
Louis.  Also I wanted to pass along a few more details to those at the
meeting who showed interested about the group.

A quick explanation for those who are new to the idea:  A hacker space
is a physical location where creative, technically enthusiastic people
can come, work, and collaborate on whatever project they are interested
in or for those who just want a place to tinker.  The idea is to have a
place open 24/7 with plenty of work space and tools for communal use.
Kind of like that workshop in the garage some of us have always wanted
but our wives won't let us have.

Many of these spaces have opened up across the country and even
internationally.  A group of people with the desire and drive have
gotten together with the goal of providing St. Louis with it's own
hacker space.

Dubbing the group Arch Reactor, we have secured a location for use,
begun recruiting additional members, and hopefully will start acquiring
equipment we can all use.  Our current location is at:

904 Cherokee St.
St. Louis, MO 63118

It's part of the old Lemp complex and right off I-55 across from the
Anheuser-Busch brewery.  It's a second floor area about 1200 sq ft with
access to a freight elevator to haul up all the equipment we need.  We
will be moving in after the first week in November.

Until then, we are renting another room on the first floor of the same
building to hold meetings and begin collecting supplies.  Over the next
few weeks we are holding weekly meetings there at 7:30 pm every Tuesday.
Anyone interested is welcome and invited to stop by and check it out.

Full access membership will cost between $50 and $30 a month, depending
on how many people decide to join up.  There is also a $10 a month
supporting member option for those who aren't as interested a workshop
as they are a place to go and discuss things less physical and more

Anyone interested in becoming a full member before we move in after the
first week of November can do so right away by paying their first
month's dues.  After we are all set up in November, there is a six month
vetting process as a supporting member before full membership becomes
available.  This is unfortunately a necessary evil as we obviously don't
want to give any lunatic off the street unrestricted access to power
tools.  The point is, the sooner you join, the better.

Additionally there is of course our website, archreactor.org.  There you
can find out updates about our progress.  Go through meeting notes and
peruse our bylaws on our wiki.  Also you can sign up for our
forum/mailing-list to get to know everyone and listen to the day to day

Any questions, please feel free to drop me a line, or ask anyone in the

I hope to see everyone there. 

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